The Archeological Museum in Antalya, with artifacts from the Paleolithic Age to Ottoman times, offers a glimpse of the area's rich history. Two colored ceramics dated at 5400 - 8500 BC are worth seeing. The Ataturk Museum displays objects used by the founder of the Turkish Republic (Both Open weekdays except Monday).

Antalya Archeological Museum

The little museum at the entrance of Karain Cave displays some of the finds, most of the artifacts are housed in various museums throughout Turkey. Some of them dated back to 160,000 BC.

Mt. Gulluk National Park, located northwest of Antalya, is a wild and splendid landscape surrounded by the monumental traces of the city. A nature and wildlife museum is found at the park entrance.

The Burdur Archeological Museum houses some very important artifacts from around the region (Open everyday except Monday).

Also in the region, Hacilar Hoyuk (Hacilar mound) contains ceramics from 5400 to 8500 BC. It was excavated in 1950. The Archeological Museum in Yalvac itself displays several important regional artificats.

Oceanus Mosaic, Antakya Archeology Museum

Nearby Damlatas Cave, the Archeology and Ethnography Museum stands by (Open weekdays except Monday).

As you go along the coast, you reach Adana, Turkey's fourth largest city. It houses three museums: the Archeological Museum, which displays locally excavated Hittite and Roman remains; the charming Ethnography Museum and the Ataturk Culture Museum. Along the Ceyhan river, next stop is Dilekkaya (the ancient Anavarza) and it houses a small museum which has two particullarly fine mosaics from Roman baths.

At the Karatepe National Park, (the neo-Hittite site), the remains of the summer residence of King Asitawada, tablets bearing Hittite and Phoenician inscriptions which were important in deciphering the Hittite language and an open - air museum with fine bas-reliefs reveal the importance and astonishing aesthetic of this ancient civilization.

The Antakya Museum houses one of the richest collections of Roman mosaics in the world. These fanatastic mosaics in stone were uncovered mostly at excavations in Antakya and nearby Daphne(Open weekdays except Monday).