Eastern Anatolia

Many of the magnificent bronze objects in the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara were found at the nearby Urartian site of Altintepe, east of Erzincan.


Ahlat Site

In Kars, the Havariler Museum (the 10th century Church of the Apostles) reveals a curious mixture of architectural influences. Bas - reliefs representing the twelve apostles in rather stiff and primitive poses, ring the exterior drum of the dome. The Archeological Museum houses beautiful wood carvings, an excellent collection of coins found in the surrounding region, as well as many ethnographic items relating to eastern Turkey

Malatya has an archeological museum that houses new finds from the Lower Firat (Euphrates) region that date from the Neolithic and Chalcolithic ages.

Artifact from Akdamar Museum

In Ahlat, the Turkish Art Museum houses a collection of ceramics, ancient coins and jewelery. As you drive on around the lake you come to Adilcevaz, you can stop at the ruins some of which can also be seen in Museum of Anatolian Civilizations in Ankara.

Artifacts from Van Museum

Van's Archeological Museum is in the new city, inland from the uninhabited old district.