The 14th Annual Filmeki Film Festival

ISTANBUL , TURKEY , Sept. 22, 2005 – Istanbul in autumn is a film-lover’s paradise, as the most decorated and talked about entries of the world’s most prestigious film festivals - Cannes , Sundance and Berlin among them - light up the city during the week-long movie madness of Filmekimi, during Sept. 30 to Oct. 6. The event, organized by the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (IFCA), will offer 19 of the most impressive of films of 2005, many of which debuted at other celebrated film festivals this year and  several which have not yet been shown in Turkey . Screenings of this cutting edge cinema will take place at the historic BeyoÄźlu Emek Theatre, reflecting the Turkish signature of juxtaposing the contemporary with the ancient.

Filmekimi’s tradition of screening the best documentaries of the year continues with “Born into Brothels: Calcutta ’s Red Light Kids,” the directorial debut of New York-based photographer Zani Briski in concert with writing / directing partner Ross Kauffmann.  Possibly the most globally talked about film of the recent past, “Born into Brothels,” chronicles Briski’s and Kauffmann’s time in Sonagshi, Calcutta and the sordid world of childhood prostitution and poverty they discovered there.  It received the Oscar for Best Documentary in 2005 in addition to its 13 other major festival and award show wins from Seattle to Bangkok .   Startling and compelling, the documentary is an important addition to this year’s program in a country that for so long has screened all festival films without the limitations of censorship.

The newly crowned film mavens’ darling, Lars von Trier, will show the second installment in his “ USA – Land of Opportunities ” trilogy “Manderlay,” the dramatic depiction of Southern slavery in the 1930s. Riding on the heels and acclaim of the series’ first film, “Dogville”, “Manderlay” repeats von Trier’s powerful visuals with its imaginary buildings and chalk lines, which are now hallmarks of the trilogy that is being so enthusiastically embraced by Cannes audiences.  Another Cannes Film Festival favorite on the 2005 program is “CachĂ© / Hidden,” an engrossing film questioning the role of Europe and the United States in current world politics. Starring Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche, the film is a taut and tense personal thriller, which examines important subjects such as guilt and responsibility in the context of western, middle-class comfort and earned Austrian master, Michael Haneke, Best Director in Cannes earlier this year.

Garnering particular attention is the latest production by Hungarian cinema legend, István Szábo, “Being Julia,” the beloved favorite of American audiences. Adapted from the short novel by W. Somerset Maugham, the film won leading lady Annette Bening an Oscar nomination and Best Actress at both the Golden Globes and the Bangkok Film Festival. Encapsulating the pain and drama behind the many loves and betrayals of stage actors in 1930s London , “Being Julia” met great critical acclaim for the powerful  portrayal of passion, obsession and revenge.

Tickets for the 4th Annual Filmekimi October Film Week can be ordered in advance online at www.biletix.com and can be arranged for on-site by the concierges of any of Istanbul ’s many world-class hotels.  This year’s tickets for weekday afternoon screenings can be purchased at the astonishingly low price of 2.5 YTL (approximately $1.90 USD).

For more information and a complete schedule of events visit www.iksv.org/filmekimi/index_en.htm.

Turkey , the site of two wonders of the ancient world, is a present-day marvel – the cradle of civilization, the very center of world history and a modern Westward-looking republic. It is a country of fascinating contrasts, where antiquity is juxtaposed with the contemporary, the familiar with the exotic; where sun-swept beaches beckon less than an hour away from snow-capped mountains, and everywhere visitors are treated to the extraordinary warmth of the Turkish people.

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