Central Anatolia   Festivals  
  • Ankara International Film Festival, March
  • Ankara International Arts Festival, April - May
  • Yunus Emre Culture and Art Week - Eskisehir, May
  • Kakava Festivities - Kirklareli, May
  • International Asia-Europe Biennial - Ankara, May - June
  • International Wine Competition - Urgup, June
  • IhIara Tourism and Art Week - Aksaray, June- July
  • Hittite Festival - Corum, July
  • Nevsehir Festival, July
  • Javelin Games - Konya, September
  • International Meerschaum (White Gold) Festival - Eskisehir, September
  • Sivas Culture and Art Week - Sivas, September
  • International Grape Harvest Festival - Urgup, September
  • Eskisehir International Festival, Sept.-Oct.
  • Ahi Brotherhood Cultural Week - Kirsehir, October
  • Mevlana Commemoration Ceremony - Konya, December
This list is subject to change please consult regional offices for updated information



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